Business Division

Mission Statement

The Business Division shall be a catalyst for the retention, growth and attraction of business to the Jacksonville community.

Meeting Times

1st Tuesday, noon

Plan of Work

  1. Promote small business development, expansion and increase SCORE activity
  2. Continue the Jacksonville Leadership Institute
  3. Promote partnerships with Chamber Members to market business interests
  4. Schedule seminars of value to Chamber Members on a quarterly basis
  5. Print review of seminars and articles of interest in the Chamber Review
  6. Promote co-op advertising with the Chamber
  7. Encourage more Chamber Members to attend Business Division functions
  8. Encourage any ad or advertising promoting the Chamber membership will have “Proud to be a Chamber Member” in the ad or advertising
  9. Promote benefits of being a Chamber Member in the Network News
  10. Facilitate educational opportunities for our members
  11. Continue to promote the IT Roundtable and HR Group