Health and Community Agencies Division

Mission Statement

This Health and Community Agencies Division shall work towards the advancement of a healthier life for all citizens in the Jacksonville area by promoting the awareness of services available and through the development of activities of prevention, education and advocacy.

Meeting Times

1st Wednesday, noon

Plan of Work

  1. Partner with the Morgan County Health Department and Passavant Area Hospital in regard to community programs
  2. Hold a Be Aware Wellness Fair in conjunction with a partnership with PassavantAreaHospital and the Mia Ware Foundation
  3. Maintain the Resource Directory for Health & Community Agencies
  4. Maintain the Health Care Providers Guide in partnership with PassavantAreaHospital, including detail update every other year
  5. Publish Health & Fitness article in the Chamber Review on a quarterly basis
  6. Hold seminars as needed
  7. Continue to promote and update the Volunteer Connections
  8. Increase education and awareness of Health and Community Agencies to promote adequate access to Health Care